How I Can Help

Kinesiology can assist with your Physical, Mental and Emotional stresses.
Kinesiology is an holistic approach to Health & Wellbeing that allows balance back in your body and life.

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Welcome to The Lighthouse
Healing Centre

My aim is to create a safe and comfortable environment, where we’ll work to achieve your goal together.

I am a qualified Kinesiologist and my passion is bringing your body back into balance from pain, tension and sports injuries.

Steve Telfer Kinesiologist

Initial Consultation

  • Assists with Pain, Injury & Performance
  • Assists with Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Assists with Mental Health & Wellbeing

Hyperton-X Session

  • Assists with Muscle Tension and Pain Release
  • For Athletes from Local Sports to Olympians
  • Peak Performance, Power & Strength

Kinesiology Follow Up

  • Assists with Pain, Injury & Performance
  • Assists with Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Assists with Mental Health & Wellbeing

Gift Voucher

  • Would you like to gift a Kinesiology Session?
  • Now You Can!
  • The gift certificate entitles the bearer to 1 x Kinesiology Session with Steve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. I have written a blog to explain what is Kinesiology which will explain what to expect in the first session.

Check it out here –>

Everyone experiences the energy shifts differently.

Have a read of the article on ‘What To Expect After A Kinesiology Session’ here to give you more information.

Kinesiology can be similar to how you feel after a massage as you will be releasing toxins after a session.

Plenty of water and listening to your body is always recommended with any type of body and mind health, healing and maintenance.

Kinesiology is no different although you can feel major shifts and changes as it takes on an holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

This means we can balance your physical, mental, emotional and chemical body in one session.

Everyone is different and it will depend on how your body balances itself out after the first session.

We can muscle test the body to ask when the next suggested session can be for you and then it’s up to you and how you feel.

You will know when you need another session.

Depending what you want to work on, some people like to have a session once a month for maintenance or find they have different areas they want to work on.

It is completely up to you.

The best part about the human body is it only allows what we can handle.

That goes for life as well. Nothing we can’t handle will come our way.

We can experience major trauma, shock and death in our lives and this will cause major stress on our bodies and minds but you will be able to get through it, eventually.

In a session, only what you are ready to deal with will come up so you can trust yourself, your body and the practitioner that it won’t be a traumatic experience.

Energy can move through your body subtly when we let it takes it’s natural course. It’s when we dismiss or force something is when our body tends to show stress.

Most sessions will allow you to release any stress naturally which won’t cause any emotions to rise for you at all.