My name is Steve Telfer and I am a Diploma Qualified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner.

I began my Kinesiology career in 2010 after completing Touch for Health I–IV. My Natural Balance Therapies business was born in early 2013 after completing Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology under Danny Liddell.

I completed my studies in 2016 after graduating from Kinesiology Schools Australia.

My sporting background is Rugby League, having played semi-professionally for Brisbane Brothers in the late 80’s – early 90’s era.
I started coaching junior league in 2005 and continue coaching to this day.

The main reason I chose Kinesiology as a career was to allow me to work with my athletes to help them recover quickly from small niggling injuries that prevented them from training and playing to their full potential.

Welcome to The Lighthouse
Healing Centre

My aim is to create a safe and comfortable environment, where we’ll work to achieve your goal together.

I am a qualified Kinesiologist and my passion is bringing your body back into balance from pain, tension and sports injuries.


Steve Tefler Kinesiologist