Single services


– Courtney Blackman

I had been suffering from severe pains in my back and right leg for six weeks when I met the amazing Steve and his beautiful wife on a cruise ship.

He was kind enough to take time out of his holiday to work some magic on my injuries.

After going to multiple physio sessions and seeing 2 different doctors, I had no relief from the pain, in fact physio made it worse and even left me in tears the next day after treatment.

However, two minutes into a session with Steve I was able to start feeling relief.

He offered me quick pain relief sessions, within the first fifteen minute session I was able to walk straight, utilise my right leg to its full potential, my hips were aligned again and i felt barely any pain at all.

The next day he noticed that I was in some pain again, so we went for another relief session.

By the time he was finished I was again walking and moving around like normal again.

If he can achieve so much in such a short time, I’d love to see the potential a full session would have. I’ll never go to a physio again.

Thanks Steve, you absolute legend, you saved my holiday!



– Melanie Chatfield

Being a hairdresser, I have had constant pain in my neck, shoulders and back for years.

Before seeing Steve, and being introduced to Kineseology, I was getting massages every week.

Like clock work, the pain would be back the following week.

I was then going to physiotherapy monthly, and again, the pain was like clock work.

Now? I am pain free for about 3 months at a time.

I cannot recommend Steve highly enough!